Continuous-casting round and square billets made of carbon and alloy steels with special properties are designed for production of bar-stock pipes and custom products.

Steel is melted in electric arc furnaces with external steel treatment; ladle furnaces with vacuum degassing, argon purging and subsequent casting at continuous steel casting units. Ultra-ductile metal with low content of detrimental impurities and low content of gases and non-metal inclusions is used.
СТ ТОО 40985885-001-2013 (proprietary standard)
Steel grades: ст3сп, ст5сп per GOST 380-94, ст20, ст10, ст40 per GOST 1050-88, 35ГС per GOST 5781-82, 55Г, ball steels Ш1, Ш2, Ш3.

Square section size: 150 mm.

Length: 5-12 m.
СТО 002-2014 (proprietary standard)
Steel grades: Н40, J55, K55, N80 type Q, L80 type 1, R95, C90, P110, Q125, 09Г2С, 10, 20, 35, 45, 30Г1, 10Г2, 13ХФА, 20Х, 40Х, 25ХМФА, 30ХГСА, 15ХМ, 30ХМА, 12ХН2, etc.

Round section size: 210, 300 mm.

Length: 5-12 m.