Exclusive representative of
KSP Steel Mill

KSP Steel Trading House is an exclusive representative of KSP Steel Mill which is the first Kazakhstan company manufacturing seamless steel pipes for oil and gas industry founded in the beginning of 2007. The Company manufacturing complex is located in the city of Pavlodar where the official opening ceremony of KSP Steel Mill took place in December of 2007 with participation of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Total area occupied by the company manufacturing facilities is about 133 ha. Over 5,000 professionally trained specialists work here.

The main activity of KSP Steel Trading House is related to sales of seamless steel pipe of different diameters and applications, ferroalloys, continuous cast angle and round bar, reinforcing bar, and rolled steel balls.
Today, the company products are successfully used in construction of pipelines, at all major facilities of oil-and-gas production and exploration enterprises and companies, machine-building and industrial enterprises of Russia. Apart from deliveries to the domestic market, the Company actively exports its products to CIS countries (Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan) and other foreign markets including USA.

Favorable geographical location of the pipe-rolling mill makes it possible to quickly ship and deliver the products to any destination in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Proximity of KSP Steel Mill to the Russian border facilitates access to Central and Eastern Siberia markets, while possibility of the pipe products delivery by sea, through the port of Aktau, allows for sales of the products on markets of the Caspian bordering countries.
The absolute quality of seamless pipes has become the main competitive advantage and distinctive trade mark
This was achieved by introduction of the unique equipment as well as the latest methods of quality control and testing of the manufactured pipe products. Modern pipe-rolling facilities, powerful technology base and highly qualified personnel make KSP steel pipes competitive on equal terms with the world's recognized leading brands.