Seamless hot-finished pipes made of 13ХФА and 20А steels of high corrosion resistance are designed for operation in conditions of the northern climatic zone with ambient temperatures down to -60ºC and transported media temperature from +5 to +150ºC. They are used in gas, oil, and petroleum product transport systems.

Pipes made of 13ХФА and 20А steels have high cold and corrosion resistance.
ТУ 1317-005-96380705-2009 (requirements specification)
ТУ 1317-006.1-593377520-2003 (requirements specification)
ТУ 1317-008-78827746-2015 (requirements specification)
Steel grades: microalloyed steel 13ХФА, 20А.

Make: А, Б.

End finish type: 30° external chamfer.