Gas-lift oil and gas pipes are used in oil and gas industry, and have also found wide application in many other branches of industry.

Gas-lift pipes are used for equipping oil and gas pipelines directly in the fields. Gas-lift pipes are also used at oil and gas processing facilities.

Their main application is lifting different types of fluids and gases from wells.

When gas is feeded, gas-lift pipe, installed vertically with one of its ends submerged into fluid, is filled with gas-oil mixture from the bottom. Difference in density and pressure ensures lifting of any mineral resources (from water to oil) from the well bottom. Thus, gas-lift pipes serve as an air lift.
ТУ 14-3Р-1128-2007 (requirements specification)
Steel grades: 10, 20, 09Г2С, 10Г2А.

Length: 8,0 -12,0 м.